iCarBao V5.0 Released to support Data Synchronization

January 20, 2013

1. New Feature: Add Data Synchronize service provided by iCarBao.com website. Now you can synchronize your data with a iCarBao account multiple devices easily. 
2. Fix bug: Data may be crash imported from other iCarBao Edition.

iCarBao Release New Version to Support Product Upgrade

December 30, 2012
iCarBao will release new version to support produt upgrade and data migration as below:
  • iCarBao Free add data export feature
  • iCarBao Std enhance data export feature to support data migration from Free Edition
  • iCarBao Trip enhance data export feature to support data mirgration from Free, Std and Pro Edition
  • iCarBao Pro enhance data export feature to support data mirgration from Free, Std and Trip Edition
  • iCarBao Ultra enhance data export feature to support data mirgration from Free, Std, Trip and P...

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iCarBao Product Family Promotion in Christmas

December 21, 2012

iCarBao product family promotion in Christmas as below:

Thanks for your support!

Shanghai Jomeng Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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iCarBaby Rename as iCarBao and use new Logo

December 2, 2012

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iCarBaby App Family will fully support Japanese

August 18, 2012

Here is the feature list of the next iCarBaby version (Ultra V4.7.1, Pro V3.6.2, Trip V3.5.4, Std/Free V2.8.2):
1*#&. Compass improvement 
2. Support Japanese 
3*#. Support negative value for amount input and statistic 
4. Some user experience improvement --- [u]especially for consumption overview and statistic report module[/u]* 
5*. Improve CSV data export content
6. Fix some bugs

*: Fit for Ultra Edition
#: Fit for Pro Edition
&: Fit for Trip Edition

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New report supported "Faster, Cheaper and Better-Looking"

August 1, 2012
In iCarBaby V4.7, report has been optimized for either performance or format, hope you like it.
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Share our New Product Conception: "Enjoy auto life!"

July 31, 2012

Please keep eye our user forum.

Thanks for your concern and support, it's our pleasure to hear your voice, any suggestions and criticisms are our engine for growth!

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iCarBaby New Version Feature List

July 19, 2012

New iCarBaby version (Ultra V4.7, Pro V3.6, Std/Free V2.8) release notes: 
1(*). Enhance consumption query feature, now you can select date interval, define sort by and search freely and directly
2(**). Add vehicle brief list view to display vehicle consumption summary or change another vehicle easily
3. Optimize AFE (Average Fuel Economy) algorithm so that to calculate AFE value accurately
4(#). Optimize trend chart to be more accurate  and reasonable
5. Adjust date display format so to improve r...
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New version features (Std V2.7.3, Pro V3.5.3, Ultra V4.6.3)

June 13, 2012

1. Improve and Optimization:
    ~ *iCloud Backup: Sorted backup file by backup date
    ~ News Reader: Enable pull to refresh
    ~ Add some sound effect for task done and alert
    ~ Add phone call function for the coming maintain items
2. Fix some minor bugs

Notes *: iCloud Backup feature is only for Ultra Edition.

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New version will display instant fuel economy

June 2, 2012

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