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iCarBaby App Family will fully support Japanese

Posted by Dancuo Wang on Saturday, August 18, 2012, In : News 

Here is the feature list of the next iCarBaby version (Ultra V4.7.1, Pro V3.6.2, Trip V3.5.4, Std/Free V2.8.2):
1*#&. Compass improvement 
2. Support Japanese 
3*#. Support negative value for amount input and statistic 
4. Some user experience improvement --- [u]especially for consumption overview and statistic report module[/u]* 
5*. Improve CSV data export content
6. Fix some bugs

*: Fit for Ultra Edition
#: Fit for Pro Edition
&: Fit for Trip Edition

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New version features (Std V2.7.3, Pro V3.5.3, Ultra V4.6.3)

Posted by Dancuo Wang on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, In : News 

1. Improve and Optimization:
    ~ *iCloud Backup: Sorted backup file by backup date
    ~ News Reader: Enable pull to refresh
    ~ Add some sound effect for task done and alert
    ~ Add phone call function for the coming maintain items
2. Fix some minor bugs

Notes *: iCloud Backup feature is only for Ultra Edition.

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New for iCarBaby Ultra 4.6: Share by express

Posted by Dancuo Wang on Monday, April 23, 2012, In : News 

iCarBaby is a vehicle consumption assistant based on Mobile Internet.

~=~ Extra Features of Ultra Edition ~=~
    ★ Advanced and Efficient ★: Re-designed based on iOS 5 and used it’s advanced feature fully
    ★ Share by express ★: Share PDF report, the CSV data for consumption, news, by Miro-blogging, Email or SMS as you need
    ★ Convenient backup ★: Support iCloud backup
    ★ Travel companion ★: Find destination weather, travel routes, nearby gas stations, car parks, hotels,...
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iCarBaby Ultra has been submitted to be reviewed

Posted by Dancuo Wang on Thursday, November 17, 2011, In : News 
iCarBaby Ultra has been submitted to be reviewed, and main feature as below:

iCarBaby is a vehicle consumption management application for individual or family user. 

~=~ Feature list of Ultra Edition ~=~ 
- New design based on iOS 5 and use its advanced feature fully 
- Support PDF report and export by Email 
- Support convenient operation via new added float toolbar such as delete multiple records, quick scroll and so on 
- Support place search 

Main Features: 
1. Trip Management 
- Record trip expen...

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iCarBaby Ultra Coming Soon...

Posted by Dancuo Wang on Friday, November 11, 2011, In : News 
 We are developing iCarBaby Ultra Edition, which has cool interface and more useful feature, includes:
  • Support find place and it's coordinate early
  • Support PDF report export by email 
  • Enable custom reminder items
  • ...

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